Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal: in the Details


Mid-century modern style has had more than a revival. In fact, the style is such a hit that it has made its way into the mainstream, with MCM-styled pieces appearing everywhere, from specialty shops to big-box stores like Target.

When it comes to ramping up the curb appeal of a mid-century modern home, it’s important to remember that the home could lose value if it isn’t done the right way. There are lots of ways to devalue a mid-century modern home by messing with the exterior.

Key Details

It may seem easy to go to the local hardware store and pick up whatever house numbers they carry, or a new mailbox, or even a front door. These shiny, new off-the-rack items can take away from the “cool factor” that mid-century modern homes have.

When trying to dress up a mid-century modern home, it’s really important to pay attention to the details. Sure, you could just purchase a regular mailbox like the ones that all of your neighbors have. But taking the time to find a sleek MCM-styled mailbox is going to give a home a nice little pop that MCM fans will definitely notice. Little things like these can really take the home over the top and add value.

Skip purchasing ornate front doors with stained glass, upgrading to vinyl pane windows, or destroying decorative concrete block walls made with breeze blocks. It could possibly also devalue the home to take away outdoor courtyards or carports to create more indoor living area. Trying to stay as period-specific as possible is going to add the most value.

Less is More

Mid-century modern is distinctively minimal, and this also translates to the landscaping. Keep it simple, and also try to stick to plants that are indigenous to the area so that they’re easy to care for.

If the climate allows for succulents or cacti, go nuts! But if not, there are still plenty of other plants out there to use. Hearty shrubs such as holly bushes compliment mid-century modern homes very well, because they can be shaped. Ornamental grasses also tend to compliment mid-century modern homes. In some areas, azaleas can be very easy to care for and bring a great pop of color.

By playing to the home’s mid-century style, instead of trying to cover it up or make it more like new homes, it can add serious curb appeal that MCM enthusiasts will surely notice. And if you must, keep it to only one pink plastic lawn flamingo!