The New High-Tech Real Estate Sign


Something that hasn’t changed a whole lot in 50 years is finally getting a makeover: the “For Sale” sign.

A company called Compass has unveiled a groundbreaking new kind of real estate sign that could change the way we interact with listings.


Sure, they’ve seen a few updates as technology has progressed, like higher quality printing, better materials, and QR codes that lead to more information or a virtual tour video, but those are nothing compared to these new Bluetooth-enabled signs.

Information at Consumers’ Fingertips

Thanks to embedded technology, these signs can give consumers easier access to much more information than a standard printed sign can ever contain. Each of these new signs acts as a geo-located digital hub that can connect consumers with agent-curated content through an app.

Aside from the usual listing information, agents can also upload videos, virtual reality tours, neighborhood data, photography, or even 3D floor plans.

Agents connect directly to the sign by simply syncing their phone to it with Bluetooth. From there, they can add as much information as they want, putting it all in the hands of any consumer, without having to rely on a separate listing service that might be members-only or other real estate agents.

Motion Activated to Attract Attention

The sign is also motion activated to attract attention. When the sensor is activated by motion within a 20-foot radius, the sign illuminates with a soft LED glow.

While this feature may not be of use in all markets, it can be extremely beneficial for real estate markets in cities with a lot of foot traffic, or lots of dwellings crowded together in a small area.

Have Your Listings Show Up on Waze

To top it all off, Compass has partnered with Waze, a navigation app that has more than 80 million active users. As part of the partnership, pins will appear on Waze’s map to indicate listings equipped with this new sign.

To say that the simple “For Sale” sign needed an update is an understatement, but these new signs are light years ahead of their predecessors! They’re giving consumers access to an unprecedented amount of information that they haven’t had in years past, and giving agents the ability to be in complete control of that information.

Only time will tell if they become the norm in the real estate world, but we could be on the brink of something that could change the way consumers buy and sell properties.