Do You Need Your Own Real Estate Agent Website?


Some realtors have their own independent websites, and a lot of realtors do not. Is it really worth it to have your own website apart from your firm’s?

Let’s go over some of the basics of having one, and how it may benefit you in your career.


Get Your Name Out There

Almost everyone does their research online, and you’d better believe they’re going to google you before they ever even give you a call. You want to make sure that you’re easy to find, and that you look like a professional.

It absolutely can’t hurt to have one more avenue for them to find you and learn about your business.

Control Your Information

A lot of big firms already provide you with a page within their own website, but what is included on that page varies from firm to firm. Not to mention, some firms do not have this at all. The pages that are provided by a firm are useful on their own, but they aren’t customizable.

They’re also usually just a static information page that shows your photo and your contact information. This can definitely leave you wanting more, like a section that pulls data from MLS and updates with your new listings, or a search bar with customizable search suggestions.

If you have your own website built, you’re in control of what information goes on your site, and how it appears.

Stand Out

You can use a website to reflect your personal brand that you’ve built for yourself, instead of having a standard company page that looks exactly the same as the other 50 agents in your office.

If your firm has many branch locations, think of how many other agents out there have the same exact page as you. You shouldn’t ditch your firm name, colors, or logos, but you can definitely incorporate them into the website in a way that is uniquely yours.

Become a Trusted Client Resource

Aside from your photo and your contact information, you have the ability to add value to your site. If you create a website that consumers can use, that gives them valuable resources, you will become more likely to pick up referrals.

There’s a lot of technology available out there to help you with this. Add an online mortgage calculator, include information about loan programs from your preferred mortgage lender, or include MLS listings for them to search through.

It’s an easy way to become the local “go to” agent because it makes you look like an experienced expert that has loads of important information and resources for your clientele. You’re providing value to them before you ever meet.

Build Your Database

With your website, you can use what are called “lead magnets” to collect contact information from visitors to your site. Basically, you create something of value for your visitors, and they enter their contact information in exchange for that content.

They get the benefit of the content, and you get the benefit of adding another person to your mailing list. It could be any number of things, but for example, a good idea for this might be a market report of recent activity in their neighborhood.

Use Your Website for Additional Income

Your website could become a profitable side hustle if that’s something you’re interested in! The easiest way to do this is to earn money through things like ads, affiliate links, or members-only content.

But if you also write books about real estate, are a BPO pro, or shoot real estate photography, your website would be a great place to also offer these additional services or products.