Curb Appeal Tips for the Springtime Market


Year after year, springtime is the best time of year to sell your home in most markets. The holidays are over, snow is melting, flowers are blooming, and school is almost out for the summer.

This is when the majority of buyers will hit the market to actively look for a new home.

After the deep cleaning, putting a fresh coat of paint throughout the inside of a home, and upgrading the countertops, don’t let your sellers forget about the outside of the home! Potential buyers will form their first impressions as soon as they pull up to a home.

The exterior of a home can subtract value from a home if it is not well-maintained. On the flip side, an attractive exterior can add plenty of value to a property.

So make sure that your sellers get that home ready to hit the market in the Spring! Here are some tips for sprucing up the outside of a home in preparation for the busiest time of year!

Start With a Good Clean

Take a step back and evaluate the exterior of the home. It’s likely that the home could benefit from a good pressure washing. Check the gutters to make sure that they are clean and clear. Make sure the windows are clear and streak-free.

A good deep clean to the exterior can be a cost-effective way to really make a home look great. When a buyer sees a dingy home, they see more work!

Check for Repairs

You should also check to make sure that the outside of the home isn’t in need of repair. Are there missing shingles, damaged shingles, or loose gutters? Does the paint need any touch-ups? These things can be easy fixes, but if left alone, can start subtracting market value fast.

Small Upgrades

Replacing hardware, updating the house numbers, and putting in a new mailbox are also all great ways to update the exterior of a home. You’d be surprised how much of a difference these smaller things can have.

Replace the dated door knocker, add more modern house numbers, or paint the rusted mailbox. They’re all projects that can be done with just a quick trip to the hardware store and a little bit of time.

Make the Front Door Pop

Make that main entrance as appealing as possible! Remember that potential buyers will be standing at the front door while they wait for their agent to open the lockbox and unlock the front door, which means they’ll be lingering for a minute. That means you should really make that front door as welcoming as possible.

Set the tone for the rest of the home. Put out a fresh, new welcome mat. Use a beautiful wreath full of spring flowers to draw attention to the front door. Add some planters full of colorful flowers on either side of the front door. And if the front door is looking a little worn, it might be worth it to roll on a fresh coat of paint.

It just takes a little time and money to get the exterior of a home looking it’s best and ready for the spring market. In the end, it can mean a higher sales price, which is what all sellers are looking for!