Home Staging Trends You Need to Know for 2019


In 2019, we predict that boho chic, gray, and gallery walls will be on their way out. What’s going to replace those home staging trends? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Home Staging Trends

Out: Gray & Greige

Remember that time we painted everything gray (or worse, greige)? That was fun. But the trend went to far. The world’s most depressing nursery, pictured above, proves once and for all that the gray trend is done.

In: Terrazzo

Once upon a time, terrazzo was the bargain choice for floors and walls in high-traffic areas. But the retro-chic finish–which consists of polished cement flecked with glass, marble, or quarts chips–is making a comeback. Trendy homes and Midcentury Modern properties alike would do well to go with terrazzo over boring white subway tile or quartz countertops.

Out: Boho Overload

At long last, we’re done with macrame and Ikat print. Boho had a long (long) moment, but thankfully it’s over now. We’ve had enough of the overstuffed hippie vibes! Ditch the Pinterest-ready boho look for a cleaner, simpler style that puts the emphasis on just one or two special focal points.

In: Pet Stations

It’s no secret that people love their pets. We’re seeing more pet-friendly features built in to homes, and that trend will almost certainly continue throughout 2019. Look for feeding stations in the kitchen and grooming stations in the mudroom.

Out: Gallery Walls

The good news is that with gallery walls on the way out, you don’t have to work quite so hard to hang multiple pieces of art. Instead, choose one large and striking painting to make a big visual impact. Not only is it more effective than a dozen little pictures, but you’ll put fewer holes in the wall, too!

In: Warm White & Taupe

Okay, if we’re not painting everything gray, what colors are we supposed to use? It looks like warmer neutrals are the way of the future. Warm white, taupe, and beige create a soothing neutral backdrop without the cold, industrial edge of gray and stark white.

Out: Word Art

We’re so glad this one is over. Hanging individual letters or signs proclaiming “FAMILY” or “EAT” was bad enough. Then people starting actually painting word art on the walls. The trend hit hard and fast, but thankfully it faded just as quickly.

In: Florals

Geometric prints, such as chevrons, ruled the design scene for about a decade. Now, fresh and modern florals are taking over. Look for bold botanical wallpaper in small spaces, floral-print throw pillows, and large artwork featuring flowers.