Deep Clean for Maximum Curb Appeal

Deep Clean Curb Appeal

When we talk about curb appeal, we usually focus on cosmetic changes like painting the front door. But even more important is ensuring the property is absolutely spotless. Here are 6 ways to deep clean a home for sale.

Start with the Windows

When you embark on a deep clean, it’s a good idea to start with the windows. They’ll need to be cleaned inside and out to remove fingerprints, smudges, and other issues.

A power-washer can help with the exterior, but the inside panes will need good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Assess the Damage

Now that the owners have shed a little light on the situation, it’s time to take stock of the home’s issues. Walls, baseboards, and molding should be checked for chips and scuffs. Make note of any problems with the floor–those stained carpets or grimy hardwoods need to be fixed, pronto!

Continue doing a walk-through and add any potential problems to the list. Homeowners often become blinded to these issues. They’ve lived with that stain or hard-to-reach cobweb so long that they no longer even notice it!

Look High and Low

Many people take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to cleaning their homes. Unfortunately, prospective buyers will be looking at the property with a more discerning eye. Commonly overlooked spots include ceiling fan blades, the tops of appliances and cabinets, the space under the fridge and stove, and so on.

Polish Everything!

Not only does polish bring out sparkle and shine, but it also gives the property a nice “freshly cleaned” scent. Wood polish with orange oil will make any staged furniture or wooden features gleam. And stainless steel polish will work miracles on kitchen appliances. Fun tip: If a stainless steel sink is looking dingy, you can carefully refresh the metal’s brush pattern with steel wool.

Think About Smells

The way a property smells has a huge impact on potential buyers. The home doesn’t necessarily need to smell like fresh-baked cookies 24/7, but there are certain scents that can tank a sale.

If the sellers are still living there, make sure they aren’t cooking greasy or pungent foods before a showing. Stronger odors like cigarette smoke or pets will need professional intervention.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Speaking of professionals, the homeowners might be better off hiring a cleaning service than attempting to DIY. That’s especially true if they weren’t great housekeepers themselves.

A professional deep clean of the property has a better ROI than just about anything else.