Our Best Tips for Dazzling Winter Curb Appeal

winter curb appeal

The trees are bare, the sky is leaden gray, and the picturesque snow has turned into sludge. How can you possibly create winter curb appeal?

Add Some Color

Winter isn’t exactly a colorful season. Add a little pizzazz with some cheerful greenery and cold-tolerant flowers. Pansies are a good choice, since they’re nearly indestructible. Poinsettias in pots on the front porch would work too. And evergreen topiaries are always a safe bet. Just be aware that if you decide to plant holly for its deep green leaves and bright red berries, it needs to be placed clear of walkways. That stuff is sharp!

Keep It Pristine

Make sure that the driveway and sidewalks stay plowed and free of ice. The absolute last thing you want is for a potential buyer to slip on icy front steps! You’ll also want to ensure that the gutters are clean and any fallen limbs get pick up promptly.

Make an Inviting Entryway

People will want to get inside out of the chill as soon as possible, so make sure that they have a warm and inviting space to hang up coats and wipe their feet. It doesn’t hurt to have seasonal scents like cinnamon and orange wafting through the space.

Classy Seasonal Decor

Winter is a tricky time for décor since you don’t want to step too far in the wrong direction. Too childish will turn off older or child-free buyers. Too much emphasis on Christmas will make buyers of other faiths feel excluded.

Stick with simple strands of white lights to highlight the home’s best features. A festive wreath on the door in a color scheme that complements the home is a good call, too. And if the property has a fireplace, a bundle of wood stacked on the front porch is a nice touch. You also can’t go wrong with electric candles in the windows or classic wreaths of greenery.

Time to Touch Up

Any blemishes on the home, such as faded or peeling paint, will be more obvious in winter. Since there’s less going on outdoors to distract the buyer’s attention, all focus will be on the chipped shutters or warped screen door. It’s better to get those things taken care of now before they derail a potential sale.

Light a Path

String lights are festive, but solar lights along walkways and paths—those can be lifesavers. It’s amazing the difference that a few well-placed lights can make. We really like the look of directional spotlights in flowerbeds or beneath trees, along with the standard rows on either side of a front walk.