Window Boxes Add Easy Curb Appeal to Any Property

easy curb appeal

Even the most boring brick ranch or featureless cottage looks better with a window box or two. They’re relatively cheap, as well as quick and simple to install, yet they can transform a home from drab to charming. Read on to find out the dos and don’ts for adding easy curb appeal with window boxes.

Don’t Skimp

The first rule of creating a gorgeous window box is to fill it up! You’ll be using mostly annuals for quick color, so you don’t need to be as concerned about leaving enough room for the plants to spread. A window box filled to bursting with lush plants should be visible from the street.

Think Like a Florist

When planning a window box, you need to consider 3 essential elements. First, you’ll want something big, bright, and colorful that really draws the eye—like the roses in the center of a bouquet. Then you’ll want a few smaller, neutral plants to fill in the rest of the box. Dainty flowers, easy-care greenery, etc. And finally, you should use plants of varying heights to make a pleasing arrangement. A tall, spiky plant or two for height paired with some trailing vines, should do the trick.

Go Green

That having been said, you can also use just greenery in your boxes and forget the flowers. Coleus is a lovely choice, since it comes in so many colors. Ferns are perfect for a shaded area. An easy combination of ivy and liriope will get the job done, too, or swap out the ivy for a neon green creeping jenny.

Add Herbs

Most people wouldn’t think to add herbs to their window boxes, but many herb plants are both very pretty and fragrant. Rosemary gives excellent height—and it’s very difficult to kill. Mint is a very quick grower, and in the summer it produces tiny purple or white flowers that bees love. Just be advised that mint will take over pretty much any container you put it in. Other good choices for fragrant, attractive herbs include purple or Thai basil, pineapple mint, and lavender.

Match the Property

The box and hardware should complement the architectural style of the home. For example, a classic brownstone would benefit from classy wrought iron baskets, while a country farmhouse would look great with reclaimed barn wood. Just make sure that the boxes won’t rot or rust—that’d definitely detract from the home’s curb appeal.

Buy the Good Stuff

Even though this is a quick project to add instant curb appeal, you should still buy the best quality boxes, hardware, and plants you can find. The inexpensive plastic boxes age poorly as the sun makes the material bleached-out and brittle. It’s important to get window box planters with adequate drainage, too, or else all those lovely plants will end up rotting.