Even homeowners with the best intentions can take on more than they can handle. Their overwhelm results in half-finished projects that detract from the property’s overall charm. The good news is that there are plenty of straightforward home improvement projects that’ll boost curb appeal without breaking the bank. And these projects can all be done in a weekend. Grab a pair of work gloves—it’s time to get some projects done!

Revamp the Mailbox

An attractive mailbox makes a good first impression. So ditch the old, beat-up box for a newer model! Choose a mailbox that suits the architecture of the house. A Craftsman bungalow won’t look right with a sleek, modern mailbox, while a cottage-style mailbox with a planter might be just right. Do add a flower bed with a border around the base of the mailbox, if possible.

Plant a Patio Herb Garden

For instant curb appeal without creating a permanent planting, stick to container gardens. A front porch or patio can be easily transformed into a green oasis with a few 2-quart herb plants, some potting soil, and flower pots. Just make sure that the area you pick gets at least 6 hours of sunshine per day and don’t forget to water your plants!

Repaint the Front Door

A brightly colored front door is a popular way to add curb appeal to almost any property. All you need is paint, primer, and a brush—and maybe some sandpaper to smooth out the surface of the door. Use one coat of primer and 2-3 coats of paint, letting the door dry completely between coats. Also, since you’re going to be selling the property soon, stick with more common colors like a classic red instead of going for pink or purple.

Create a Garden Path

To create a whimsical stepping stone path, you’ll need stones or patio blocks, a small drywall keyhole saw, and a trowel. Lay out the stones in a pattern that looks good to you, then use the saw to cut through the turf around each stone one at a time. Remove the stone, pry up the sod with your trowel, then drop the stone back in place. Voila! It’s not a project for the faint of heart, but once the stepping stones are in, it’ll be utterly charming. You can also add some solar lights along the new garden path for additional curb appeal after dark.

Refinish the Garage Floor

For this project, you’ll need to first prepare the concrete. Clean it with a concrete cleaner, then use an epoxy paste to fill in any cracks. Finally, sand the floor to create a smooth surface. Now you’re ready to use a floor sealant. At this point, the floor might look good enough to you—if you want to leave it here, then that’s fine. But you can also take things one step further and paint the floor with a colored epoxy coating. It’s time and labor intensive, but the results are worth it!