Curb Appeal Disasters That’ll Tank Your Home Sales


Prospective homebuyers often get their first impressions online. As they scroll past a seemingly endless sea of homes, the last thing you want is for your property to stand out in a bad way. Here are curb appeal disasters that’ll cause buyers to swipe left immediately.

Unfinished Projects

The homeowner had the best of intentions. They really were going to finish the landscaping, and paint the shutters, and…you get the idea. Unfinished projects on the outside signals problems on the inside, too. The seller needs to get those half-hearted DIY attempts taken care of as soon as possible.

Mixed Signals

When the outside of the property says “keep out,” it doesn’t matter how nice the home is inside. Scarily overgrown lawns, rusted chain-link fences, peeling paint, and cracked sidewalks all give an air of neglect. That property needs a huge makeover before it hits the market, because no one will want to come through the front door. They’ll assume that it’s just as bad inside and move on to the next house.

Cluttered Chaos

The original owners probably thought they’d created a comfortable, inviting paradise. They paid attention to every detail…the only problem is the sheer number of details! A cluttered, crowded, overdone porch or garden masks the home’s true beauty and potential. The seller needs to take down all the windchimes and statues, and limit the porch furniture to just two or three tasteful pieces. Keep it simple and let the buyers imagine their own idea of heaven instead.

Trash Central

Put the trashcans away—far away—before an open house or photoshoot. In fact, keep them as empty as possible while the home is listed. Prospective buyers don’t want to be confronted with smelly garbage when they first approach the home. Definitely don’t leave furniture or other large pieces on the curb! It shouldn’t have to be said, and yet we’ve seen it happen.

Quirky Style

If a person is trying to sell their home, they need to be aware that not everyone will embrace their tastes. Vibrant colors, cheeky lawn ornaments, and unconventional décor will turn off a lot more prospective buyers than they impress. It’s better to give the place a neutral facelift before anyone else sees it. The seller can always paint their new place hot pink.

No Style

What’s even worse than a quirky style? No style at all. A yard that’s a barren landscape of dirt and grass is depressing to look at. It’s like walking into a job interview without pants on. Revamp the yard with some shrubbery and potted flowers, and stick a fruit tree near the street. Prospective buyers will never know the difference!