Choosing to Work at a Boutique Real Estate Firm


Many real estate agents are at a loss when it comes to making the decision between a large franchise firm and a small boutique firm. It can be a daunting decision to make, considering it can affect your entire career.

A lot of new real estate agents get a good start in larger franchise offices, and for good reason. These larger companies tend to have more thorough training, which is a huge benefit to new agents.

They are also more likely to set up their agents with free or discounted access to software, marketing tools, and office supplies, which can cut down on out-of-pocket costs that a new agent may not be able to afford otherwise.

But what if you’re already in the business, and you’re looking for a change? Large companies aren’t the only good options out there. A smaller, independent firm might be a good option for you. It’s worth it to look at the advantages of working in a boutique firm.

Working as a Team

Unlike at large franchises, agents at smaller firms tend to work together, take the time to help each other, and spend more time together. Within a smaller firm, each agent’s contributions are much more important for the firm as a whole.

Your peers and your broker-in-charge are going to take the time to make sure that you’re successful, so that the firm is successful.

Also, In a smaller office, it’s less likely that you’ll get lost among the group. With less real estate agents in the office, everyone can take the time to learn each other’s names, get to know personalities and work together.

Less Competition For Leads

Often times, large franchise firms distribute leads that come in through management. They are usually given to top-performing agents that are sure to do a great job. While this makes sense from a corporate standpoint, it doesn’t make much sense from an agent standpoint. Top-performing agents don’t need much help generating new leads!

Boutique firms already have less competition for leads, because there are fewer agents in the office. On top of that, they usually allow agents to sit at the front desk to help walk-ins or answer the phones, which means those agents get to handle the majority of the new leads coming in.

More Flexibility and Creative License

There is no corporate office to answer to. You’re not free to do anything that you want, but you are free to do a lot more in a boutique firm without corporate breathing down your neck and giving you a ton of rules. If something needs to be changed, you don’t have to wait for the higher-ups to fix it. Company policies, rules, and best practices can be changed quickly.

There will always be company guidelines for marketing and advertising, the rules at a big company are going to be much more strict. Smaller independent firms tend to have a more relaxed, less strict approach to marketing and advertising. This can work well for some agents, as it gives them more creative control over their own brand.

Real estate companies are definitely not a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s important to remember that some agents do extremely well in a smaller boutique firm, while some agents flourish in a large franchise. But it is important to know the advantages before making a decision that can change the path of your real estate career!