Cozy Home Staging Tips to Wow Winter Buyers


Selling a home in the off-season is always a challenge. But there are ways to make a property much more appealing during the cold winter months.

home staging

Keep It Toasty

We’re all trying to be more conscious of energy usage, but when it comes to selling a house in winter, you need to crank up the heat. Potential buyers should be greeted with a warm, inviting home. In addition to bumping up the thermostat, it’s also essential to repair any drafty windows or doors on the property.

Winter Maintenance a Must

The first–and most important–issue to tackle is wintertime maintenance. Make sure that sidewalks and driveways are shoveled and ice is melted at all times. It’s also a good idea for the sellers to get their gutters cleaned before potential buyers visit.

Showcase the Fireplace

If the property features a fireplace, you should absolutely make it the crown jewel of any showing or open house. Keep wood-burning fireplaces well-stocked with logs and make sure that they are merrily crackling when visitors arrive.

Gas fireplaces are a little easier to get going in a hurry, but you should still fire them up early enough to warm up the room before a showing.

Create Cozy Ambiance

Even if the home doesn’t have a fireplace, you can still create feeling of warmth. Stage the living room with cozy throw blankets and plenty of candles. Offer people hot chocolate, mulled cider, coffee, or other hot beverages. Make it easy for them to associate the property with warm and toasty feelings!

You can also enhance the feeling of holiday cheer with fresh-baked cookies or gingerbread. The scent of oranges, cloves, and cinnamon is a traditional blend that smells festive without being overwhelming. Soft music is the final touch for setting the scene.

Think Evergreen

Obviously, the other three seasons of the year offer more variety when it comes to outdoor color. Your best bet, especially in snowy locations, is to stick with evergreens. Potted topiaries are a lovely touch for the front porch, especially if you add some festive white lights.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Since the landscape is more barren than usual, a freshly painted front door will really pop. Get inspired by our list of the best paint colors for every type of property! You should also consider refreshing the shutters with a coordinating color. Without foliage to frame the property, those splashes of color will make a huge difference.