Inexpensive Curb Appeal Solutions for Under $50

inexpensive curb appeal

Need to make a good first impression on buyers, but don’t want to shell out big bucks? Inexpensive curb appeal can still be effective! Try out these low-cost solutions for sprucing up a property without breaking the bank.

New Door Hardware

Tarnished brass or rust on the front door hardware won’t wow any buyers. If needed, replace the doorknobs, knocker, and other hardware. If the metal is in good shape but just needs a makeover, use a wire brush to remove rust and a polishing compound to restore shine.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Obviously, painting an entire house costs more than $50. But using an accent color on the front door or shutters makes a big impact with minimal investment. A classic red or hunter green front door looks great on a more traditional home, while more modern properties can pull off a chic slate gray. A cute cottage can be more appealing with coral or robin’s egg blue accents, but be wary of more outrageous colors.

Mulch Those Flowerbeds

Instead of revamping the entire landscaping, try putting down fresh mulch. It’ll make the beds look much neater and smother any weeds. Tidying up the edges of the flowerbeds is also a good idea while you’re at it. Use an edging tool to create a neat line in the sod. It makes a surprisingly big difference!

Stain the Deck

Weathered boards getting you down? It might be time to apply a fresh coat of stain. Make sure to clean the deck thoroughly first, then brush on a stain specially formulated for outdoor use. The deck will look as close to brand new as possible without actually replacing it. Same goes for front porches and railings, too.

New House Numbers

Most people make do with old, difficult-to-see house numbers. It’s not something the homeowners think about often, but for prospective buyers it’s important to update the feature. Brass or stainless steel house numbers are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Tile is a little more expensive, while wood gives a more rustic look. The trick is to match the style of the numbers to the architecture of the home.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are a great solution for outdoor lighting on a budget. Running electricity to outdoor lights is expensive. As long as the property gets enough sunlight during the day to charge the power cells, you can add lights along walkways or flowerbeds to make the home look dazzling at night.

Container Gardens

Placing potted plants or window boxes is an almost-instant way to add inexpensive curb appeal. Use seasonal plants to ensure that they stay fresh and attractive for as long as possible. Many nurseries sell premade arrangements, but it’s usually cheaper to create your own.