10 Things You Could Do to Increase Your Online Real Estate Leads Right Now!

online real estate leads

Generating online real estate leads is one of the most important facets of your business. But how can you find those leads without buying them directly from vendors?

Highlight Your Success

It might seem counter-intuitive, but one of the best ways to gain online real estate leads is to showcase the properties you’ve already sold. Show potential buyers in the same zip code the fabulous homes that you’ve sold rather than the available inventory. When they need a real estate agent, they’ll think of the one with a proven record of success.

Offer Valuable Content

Your website needs to be more than just a few pictures of available listings. You need to showcase what makes you the right agent for the job. That means letting your personality shine through regularly updated content. See yourself not just as a person who facilitates home sales, but as someone who helps build and connect communities.

Keep your content local, since you want folks interested in your region to find you. And make sure that it has value. Content is not a sales pitch; it’s a free gift of your advice and expertise to people who need it.

Master SEO

SEO—search engine optimization—is a set of ever-evolving strategies to help your online content reach relevant readers. Every blog post and social media update has the potential to use keywords to direct traffic to your site. “Best real estate agent in X,” where “X” is your market, is an example of a great keyword. People who search for that term will absolutely be in the market to buy or sell in the near future.

Pivot to Video

These days, people are most likely to engage with content on their smartphones. That means video is one of the key ways you can generate new online real estate leads. Try creating a YouTube channel for your business with walkthroughs of available properties, home-buying tips, and other real estate topics. If you’re stumped for ideas, think of how you could adapt existing content from your blog into a short video.

Cater to Your Niche

Real estate a vast playing field, and you’ll be more successful if you try to engage your ideal clients rather than appealing to everyone at once. Think about a demographic niche you could claim as your own. Do you specialize in helping empty nesters find a new place to call their own? Or are you the go-to person for pet lovers to find their perfect home? Focus on those buyers instead of using a “shotgun” approach to getting online real estate leads.

Keep Up with Tech Trends

Have you ever live-streamed a video on Instagram or published a “story” on Facebook? If you’ve never tried it out, you might be surprised at the level of engagement and lead generation. You have a better shot at reaching younger buyers through social media tools like these. Create a virtual open house with a video walkthrough, or offer a sneak peek at the latest properties to your Facebook followers.