Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

tech tools for real estate

Technology moves fast. You need to move fast, too. Here are the essentials tech tools for real estate agents to bring your business to the cutting edge and put you light years ahead of the competition.

Tablet Computer

A tablet is a real estate agent’s best friend. You can use it for pretty much anything, from communication to managing your social media to showing a property to a client. Install a suite of apps to help you with scheduling, CRM, and more. Tablets are more lightweight and easier to use than traditional laptops, but their larger screens also put them a cut above smartphones. Who wouldn’t want the best of all worlds?

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker can act as a virtual assistant, news resource, jukebox, and smart home controller. Clients will be impressed by the ability to control the thermostat, lights, and door locks if you show them a property with a smart configuration. Coldwell Banker has even programmed a smart skill for Alexa that provides a daily update on real estate industry news.

Camera Drone

Want to create an incredible walkthrough or take aerial shots of a property? Then you need to get yourself a camera drone. You can generate high-definition images from any angle or shoot video footage to impress your clients. You’ll never go back to the shaky, handheld walkthroughs and awkward cellphone pics again.

Mobile Scanner App

It used to be that if you wanted to send a document to someone, you needed to either mail it or use a fax machine. Now, you can just use your phone. A smartphone app like CamScanner will take a photo of any document and allow you to share it via text, email, or Dropbox.

Video Calling

We’re living in the future, and people expect video calls. Apple’s FaceTime has largely replaced Skype as the go-to video conferencing platform. You can conduct virtual meetings anywhere with this technology, making scheduling so much simpler.

Cloud Storage

Don’t trust your important documents to local storage. If you’re in the habit of saving everything to your tablet or desktop without backing up those files, you are putting the future of your business in a risky position. Regularly back your files up to cloud-based storage, such as Dropbox, to make sure you don’t miss anything. Get in the habit of scanning contracts and other important documents to back them up as well.

Digital Signatures

You don’t need to wait for a client to sign a physical piece of paper anymore. There are a number of e-signature services out there, including DocuSign. These documents are just as legally binding as traditional signed paperwork.

Video and Livestreaming

Want to attract younger buyers? Then get them excited about your listings through the tools they already use to communicate. Periscope is a great little app that allows you to livestream videos—you could, for example, create a virtual open house for folks who can’t be there in person. Instagram supports videos that can reach a huge audience. Just remember to keep things fun, interesting, and well-lit. Nobody wants to watch a video of someone wandering through an empty, dimly lit house—unless it’s a horror movie!