Summer is a hot season in more ways than one. House sales pick up during the summer months, as families are more easily able to relocate over the school break, but the scorching temperatures require different tactics for a successful season. Read on to discover our favorite summer real estate tips!

Focus on Offline Advertising

During the summer, people are more likely to neglect their phones, computers, and social media accounts. If you’re planning an open house or other event, make sure to get the word out early online, but also take the time to put up traditional signs directing folks to come see your properties. It may seem a little cheesy, but balloons really do help draw the eye. If it looks like a party, potential buyers will drop by!

Schedule Open Houses During the Week

Most people don’t want to spend their precious summer weekends viewing houses. That’s why real estate experts have turned to something call “Rush Hour” open houses. Brief drop-ins on weekdays from, for example, 4-6pm allow busy folks to see the property without sacrificing their Saturday or Sunday.

Highlight Outdoor Living

On a beautiful summer day, with the sun shining and the birds singing in the trees, potential buyers can easily picture themselves enjoying gardens, patios, pools, and other outdoor spaces. Make sure to stage these areas as carefully as you would the interior. Twinkle lights and candles are an inexpensive way to make any outdoor space look more magical.

Throw a Barbecue

Mix up the formula by advertising your open house as a barbecue instead. Sliders and skewers are a great alternative to conventional hot dogs or hamburgers. Make sure to have plenty of lemonade and iced tea on hand—not to mention brochures and business cards. Sure, you’ll get more casual lookie-loos at an event with free food, but you never know when you’ll meet your ideal buyer.

Host a Block Party

If a barbecue isn’t cutting it for you, go one step further and create a community-facing event. People already living in the neighborhood can provide valuable leads and referrals, so get them on your side with a fun event featuring food, music, and activities for the kids.

Stay Cool

It should go without saying, but a cool house is easier to sell in the summer. Set up a patio umbrella to create extra shade, crank up the air conditioning, and offer refreshing drinks to help potential buyers stay cool and comfortable.

What are your best summer real estate tips? Share your thoughts in the comments!