Successful real estate agents are passionate about what they do. They believe in customer service. And they pay attention to the little details. But those qualities come from within. What about the things you can do right now to grow your career? Here are 6 habits of successful real estate agents that will put you on the right path!

They Show Their Work

For many buyers and sellers, working with you will be their first (or perhaps second) experience with the real estate world. They won’t necessarily know what the terminology means or even how the process works. Talk them through every step, send regular updates to let them know what you’re doing on their behalf, and always keep them in the loop.

They Keep on Top of New Tech

Part of being a successful agent is staying on top of technology trends. If people want video walkthroughs, then you need to learn how to create one. When clients want to FaceTime with you, it shouldn’t be a problem to get set up with a video call. Set aside part of your weekly schedule to read about how technology can help you, and make a commitment to investing in new devices and software as needed. The last thing you want to do is fall behind the march of progress.

They Communicate Promptly

Never let a lead fall off the vine because you didn’t return a phone call or email. If you say you’re going to make contact—do it! Follow up when you say you’re going to, and the wayyou promised. If the client likes to email, then email them. If they would rather chat on the phone or text, then you know what to do. While you shouldn’t spend all of your time reacting to messages, it’s vital to stay on top of your communications.

They Know Their Neighborhoods

A great agent knows his or her neighborhood inside and out. They can recall what homes sold recently, and for what price. They know where to find just the right property for their clients without having to search for it. And they have the inside scoop on all the little perks and quirks that you can’t find just by looking at a picture online. You should get out and explore your territory whenever you can.

They Cultivate Their Network

You should strive to be a connector. What does that mean? It means that you have a network of buyers, sellers, fellow agents, contractors, lenders, insurers, and appraisers. When you need to get something done, you can connect the right people to achieve pretty much anything. And because you are the best, you only work with the best.

They Never Stop Hustling

Where do you get your leads? If you’re relying on just one source—word of mouth, for example—you’re leaving countess leads unexplored. In addition to in-person networking, you should be active on social media and try different types of marketing until you find the ideal combination that works for you.